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Cato Street Conspiracy

Cato Street Conspiracy formed in 1978, writing all their own songs and playing at clubs and pubs around Notinghamshire including the famous Ad Lib club in Nottingham and the historic Newark Palace Theatre. Band members included Ian WIlliams (Guitar, Lead Songwriter and Vocals), Pete Brooks (Drums), Martin Howells (Keyboards), Richard Laurence (Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals) and Martyn Paley (Bass) who at the time was working on his PhD at the University of Nottingham. The band started with Ian, Pete and Martin with different lead and bass guitarists under the name Wrecked Angle. This was changed to Cato Street Conspiracy shortly after Richard and Martyn joined, with a fleeting reference to the Prime Minister of the day, Margaret Thatcher. The Cato Street Conspiracy was a movement aimed at overthrowing the British Government two hundred years ago in 1820 but the plot failed miserably due to agents provocateur disrupting the plan.


The first 3 tracks above were recorded at Rainbow Studios in Nottingham, tracks 4-11 were recorded at Holly Cottage Studios (Pete Brooks place!) and the last track is a live recording of a concert probably held in a Village Hall somewhere near Newark but possibly the Royal Albert Hall? None of us now clearly remember. The sound quality is somewhat variable as they have been transferred from old reel to reel tapes to tape cassettes and then digitised. Please excuse the 'mix, hiss, flutter and wow' on some tracks as they are over 40 years old. All songs are originals by Cato Street Conspiracy.


Lots more songs by amazing songwriter Ian Williams and his new band Television of Cruelty

Check out 'And may your God go with you', 'Bus Lights' and 'All so gear'  - my favourites!

Fantastic 3D animated video for Ian William's 'Endless Street' by Pete Brooks (Cato Street Drummer)

Rainbow Studios - Nottingham


Trent Bridge Inn - Nottingham

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