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Big Heart Soul Band

Dave Lambert, John Watson, Martyn Paley

The Big Heart Soul Band formed in 1991 in Craven, North Yorkshire when Martyn Paley came back from working in the USA and re-joined local musicians John Watson and Dave Lambert after almost 20 years away. The band used to play together in the 1970's as the Oddball Rock Band (see below for before and after photos!) together with drummer Ken Webb. They played a mix of soul, rock and blues numbers and performed at over a hundred different venues in the North including many Working Men's Clubs. Lots of the gigs were charitable events to raise funds for e.g. Leukemia Research, Manorlands Hospice and others. They have gigged in the past with the up and coming Christine Reeday (vocalist), Janine Paley (keyboards), Joyce Watson (Keyboards), John (drums), Georgina Davis (drums), Fred (bass), Chris (keyboards), Richard Trinder (Bass), James Paley (Lead Guitar), Matthew Lambert (Lead Guitar), Rachel Watson (Vocals) and Mr Yamaha (electronic drums!) some of whom play on the tracks below recorded live at Bradley Village Hall at Janine's 'South Africa' fund raising gig and John's 50th Birthday Party. 


John Watson  (Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals)     Dave Lambert (Lead Vocals & Sax)              Martyn Paley (Bass & Guitar)

The Big Heart Soul Band at Bradley Village Hall with John on Guitar and Keys, Dave on Vocals and Martyn on Bass

Christine Reeday (Vocals) & Janine Paley (Keyboards) playing with the Big Heart Soul Band at Bradley Village Hall with John on Bass, Martyn on Guitar and Dave on Sax


Oddball Rock Band: We were slim with lots of hair in 1971 but with much less hair twenty odd years after in 1994. Left to right: Joyce Watson, Martyn Paley, John Watson, Ken Webb and Dave Lambert. We are pictured sitting on rocks on the moor near Farnhill where Ken lived, featuring Oddball in a ‘Deep Purple in Rock’ like pose. It was never found out who had painted ‘Oddball Rock Band’ as graffiti in white line paint on the rocks. Not guilty!

bbc backcloth.jpg
John and Martyn have also played with the BBC5 house band at the Bronte Blues Club and now play with musician extraordinaire Jon Crossley in the BlackHill Barrow Boys.
Dave has more recently guest performed with his son Matthew's band - Paisley Rehab. The videos below were taken of Paisley Rehab playing at Dave and Corrine's Ruby Wedding (40th) celebration at Skipton Working Men's Club. Some crazy dancing going on too. Also at the Cross Keys Pub, Skipton. 

Paisley Rehab

Paisley Rehab are Matthew Lambert (Lead Guitar), Liam Ambrose (Guitar), Chris Busfield (Vocals), Adrian Osadzenko (Drums) and Marc Robson (Bass)


Dave (Lead Vocals/Tenor Sax/Guitar) also played professionally for many years with a band called Bruno together with Ken Webb (Drums), Tony Mead (Bass/Guitar) and Mark Valentine (Lead Guitar/Vocals). Ken and Dave  in deep contemplation in the studio recording and mixing Hold Your Head Up,  Long Train Running and Wipeout 

The End Choir

Martyn's son James Paley also played  lead guitar in a band called the End Choir while at Newcastle University.   They wrote all their own songs and played at a number of venues around Newcastle. James also built the double neck 4 string bass and 6 string guitar pictured below and used by Martyn at the Bronte Blues Club.


double neck.jpg

Double neck bass and lead guitar in construction by James Paley. Orders taken for custom designs on 01535 635066


For a full range of brass instruments manufactured in the UK by London Musical Instruments contact Gary Paley on 07966 009547. Repairs also undertaken for all brands.

Early Photos


Oddball Rock Band practising at Farnhill Church Basement age 16-20 ish. L-R Martyn Paley, Dave Silverwood, Ken Webb, Dave Lambert and John Watson


The JW (John Watson) Band. L-R Joyce Watson. Pete Jessop, Drum Mer, John Watson


The Big Heart Soul Band (first gig?) at the White Bear in Eastburn. Martyn's beloved Guild guitar at the back (sold on eBay!!)

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